Sunday, March 27, 2011

No sewing allowed

{gymboree sales price $19.99}

So Boo is coming in a little over a month and I have no sewing machine. This means I actually have to buy him things I would much rather make myself. 
I am having the hardest time finding stores that sell stuff I want at a price I can afford. 

Any good shops out there that you know of?

What I am looking for:

baby clothing and blankets, preferably more manly looking that baby.
knee high socks.
leggings or pants
onesies or tees 

Simple clothing

I would pretty much like to dress my boys like their daddy, only in miniature.

{and of course melancholy anything baby R has grown out of ;) since you have such good taste}


h. said...

I do like my onesies and knee-high socks:)

Crys said...

Maybe not the onesies, but you can't deny the socks.

The Hull Family said...

OK first of all I am digging your short haircut, it's YOU, and you can totally rock it!!

Shopping for little boy clothes is such a challenge for me, but I love it when I am victorious and find something great!! I love Old Navy for boys. They are always having sales and I think they offer a lot of variety. Prices aren't too bad.

hAha said...

i'm excited for the hats! yay! beans and rice!