Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My skinny Jeans

To answer your question Melissa, My skinny jeans are from Forever 21. They are not maternity they are just stretchy and have an elastic waistband. They cost a total of $8.50 and were a pain to find because that store is nuts and has no order to the way they display their clothes. I pretty much searched through every single rack that had any jeans on it, stumbling across some similar jeans for $14.50, until I found the pair I bought.

The shirt I am wearing in this picture {as well as the shoes, I am like a walking advertisement!}
is also from Forever 21, $7.99, and I love it because of its scoopy non suffocating neckline and simply how long the shirt is. I can practically pull it down past my bum! So naturally I bought it in grey too.

The clothes were cheap and I don't expect them to survive past this pregnancy but it is worth it to have clothes that make me feel like me.

Hope this helps, maternity clothes shopping can be... well interesting! Good luck, and I wish I could see ya at play group but alas I have no car.
Not cool.

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Three Lads and a Lis said...

THANK YOU Crystal!!!

I have been in that store before and felt much the same, um WOW - how am I supposed to find anything in here, but I think next time I will venture out without 2 little guys in tow!

I'm just so not into the maternity clothes thing this time... okay, I've never been I just want to grow and not worry about not feeling myself, ugh!

Hope you are pleased with the Army orders!