Monday, October 11, 2010

2.5 months prego, self portraits

Baby number 3, as of this week you no longer have a tail. You are about the size of a quarter. You can officially kick, turn your head and open your mouth. I love ya already. I hope things continue to go well so that you come to us as planned.

My body is giving all its energy to create you and leaving little to spend on the rest of the family.
Only 1/2 a month til we are in the 2nd trimester and I look forward to it. Hopefully it will mean feeling a little better.

After checking every kids store in the area and finding no rain jackets to my liking I decided to make Tober cake a rain coat. It is red and adorable, makes her look like little red riding hood. I will share the jacket laters.

Right now I am going to eat some tots with my kids and then go buy myself a new camera :) come home and do more school, {only 6 more drawings today!} and then enjoy my husband as much as I can when he gets home.

Self portraits done for my Illistration class. Done by looking into a mirror and trying not to look at your paper too much. I love my fat chins :)


PixieShtick said...

those drawings are wicked awesome. I'd frame them.

hAha said...

u are so picasso. what's the verdict on the camera?

Crys said...

I got meself a nikon d40 and I am lovin it.