Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Follow the yellow brick road...

 This Halloween Pipsta and I decided we would dress the kids up together. 4 kids, we toyed with the idea of Luchadors, which was fun, but now we are leaning towards the wizard of oz. I already have a dorothy dress for Tober and a lion costume, which leaves scare crow and tin man. I am up for the challenge though.
I thought about buying little red sparkly shoes but since I had red glitter already I decided to save myself the $13 dollars it would cost me at Target and make my own.
I started out with a pair of tan suede shoes and using cheap acrylic paint, painted them red. I did one and my 3 yr. old did the other.
 I then filled them with tissue paper and put them in a box.
Then using glitter I had left over from when I made my sister into the queen of hearts for halloween, and some spray adhesive, I sprayed and sprinkled the shoes til I was satisfied.

 I did 2 coats making sure I shook off the look glitter in between each coat.
 I wasn't particularly careful and therefore have permanent glitter fingers.

It was a lot of fun actually making something with Bug.

"thanks Mom I love them!"

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