Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey Mikey, He likes it!

When I wake up, after I stop at the bathroom because I have to pee! and before I get my childrean up even though I can hear they are awake, I go down stairs and eat a bowl of cereal to try and calm my stomach and start the day off well instead of throwing up. I threw up enough in my last two pregnancies and I have vowed not to this time around.
I could be sitting on the couch right now hearing kids crying or yelling to be gotten out of bed, but instead I hear happy sounds and the two of them talking to each other. Makes me Happy. Too bad I can't convince them to sound like that more often. :)


MelancholySmile said...

Either the cereal trick is going to work or you're going to end up HATING cereal by the time this pregnancy is over. That happened to me with any foods I ate {well, smelled} during my queasy stage. I hope it's not the latter.

Don't you love the happy sounds? Especially when they're able to have that magical combination of being happy AND quiet? The best!

Hang in there!

Crys said...

I know, I hope cereal lasts me a little while longer at least. I feel like I am going to spend all our mony on food because everytime I come home from the grocery store nothing looks good to me anymore. this is exhausting!