Thursday, October 14, 2010

Having a hard day.

Today I had a whole 3 hours of being unable to function. I felt horrible and painfully sick to my stomach. by the time I was coming around and  starting to feel better my house looked like a tornado { or just a Tober} had gone through it. Almost all the chairs around the table had been knocked over and she sat on top of the table with the package of Saltines I left behind on my way to the bathroom. The crumbs were everywhere.
Oh and here she comes right now with the soap from the bathroom which she can now reach if her brother leaves it on the edge of the counter. great. On top of all this last months Grades are in and they are sadly not what I want. I spent my first 2 weeks at the top of my classes, but in the last few weeks as my "morning" sickness worsens so has my ability to perform at my best. B- in one class and a C in the other with no hope right now of anything changing. In fact my normal work load of 32-45 pictures has increased this week to 82. It is discouraging. makes me wonder what I am trying to do, and if I am just kidding myself taking on school right now. Of course now is also the perfect time for C to have behavioral issues, and Jones to go Hunting. Tober's responding by spending every minute she can being held or just sitting on my lap.What a day.


Carrie said...

so sorry! Don't really know what else to say because I know I can't fix it, but I DO wish I was closer to come help you. Just remember everything is harder when you're pregnant(kids, school, keeping food Sorry if I just tainted the purity of your blog, but it sounded like you needed something to smile about). It will get better. And then you'll look back and say wow! Look what I did. Keep on going! Sending prayers and hugs your way.

Crys said...

thanks carrie, i love it :)

MelancholySmile said...

Oy, we've all had those days. So sorry! Hope it's followed by an extra-good day just to make up for it.