Saturday, October 2, 2010


Thank You!
It was so wonderful to share my pregnancy news with all of you and get so much positive feedback. This week has been a tougher week and I have to keep pushing myself to not give in to the nausea.Being pregnant for the third time is interesting. There is definately that comfort in knowing I have done this before. There is also comfort in our stability right now. My stomach no longer even tries to hold the baby in, that plus the fact that I am combating morning sickness by eating all the time, means I have a 3-4 month belly even though I am only 2 months along. joy. :)

 School is still awesome. I never really enjoyed or excelled at public school. I honestly left my high school years sure that I would never really belong in that world. I know that a lot of poeple wouldn't say that excelling at Art School is the same, but I don't care. I am excelling. I am pushing myself and completely giving myself to the process and really feel like I have found a place I can learn.

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The Hull Family said...

Congrats on baby number three, that is very exciting news!! You are an awesome mommy and I know you will do great managing three and school and whatever else you have going on!!