Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Challenge

So Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff is having a contest and I am up for the challenge, or am I. Today I tried to make a dress for Tober. It started well, everything was very precise and pretty and somewhere turned into messy and horrible. My seam ripper was my best friend. I cant be too hard on myself since I am still recovering from illness and I have never made a dress before. Still I want to be better than I am, and so I will be, someday. Until then I just have to try and remember that I love my kids, even when they start crying everytime I almost accomplish something.


SPYGLASS said...

u can do it!!! i was hoping you would give the contest a shot!!! i like your new background...more you...and less clutter. hope you're feeling better every minute. again, let me know if i can do anything.
oh ps. my mom sent me a ton of her vintage dress patterns...i'm so excited to try some with you!

TheSpanishLady said...

No way, supper, exciting. I WANT.