Friday, March 26, 2010

Come Along for a Ride on the Crazy Train

Love me some Friday. My Jones gets off work early on friday which means we usually have a family fun day. On today's menu was Happy terriaky, How to Train your Dragon 3D, and a trip through Target. Great food, loved the movie, and Target is always a pleasure. Today however it was more than just a pleasure it was a train ride to a land of outdoor furniture and potted plants, gorgeous throw pillows and piggy banks.{they didn't have pictures of everything but trust me they are awesome, or dont check them out yourself~ Liberty of London} So many things to buy, beautiful wonderful springy things. This is why I call it the crazy train because I could easily spend a small fortune at Target but reality thank goodness reeled me in. But you know the really crazy thing is that its actually not that impossible. In fact although I cant go and buy all of these deliciosos at once I can gradually create this world for me and my family. So someday you will all be mine for now, I'll see you next time.

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