Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybe I am Crazy

I feel like I have been blogging a lot lately( more than Twice my usual amount) So I hesitated to blog about this but again as I have said before this is my form of journaling and these thoughts are important to me.

Do you ever feel like you push God's blessings to the max. I do. I feel like we have been blessed with so much lately, and that I don't remember deserving all this, while at the same time I desire more, how can that be possible?!? Our lease is up in 2 months and We thought when we signed it that we would be moving on to somewhere else but now that just feels greedy, like our place works lets just stick with it. I can't help it though when I see 3 bdr apts available for the same price we are paying now(for our 2bdr), and my crafts are taking over our dining room to feel like we need more space. I guess there is just part of me that thinks things can't stay good forever, and maybe I'll exceed my Blessings for the year, and it is only March, there is a lot of year left! If it sounds like I am waiting to be smacked down...thats because I am. When did I become so afraid? I know God loves me, I just also know that I am not perfect and that I want to be, and that usually means purification by fire, hot burning fire :)

Pip's here so I am off to the park, the weather is just gorgeous!

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