Monday, March 8, 2010

New 'to make list'

Now that I have finished most of the things on my to do list I made in January I feel I can post about all the new things floating around in my head. I feel it helps me to get them done when I post about them. So here we go

*Corner bookshelf in the kids room using file organizers on their sides.
*Grow wheat grass like Lemon Squeezy
*Finish at least 3 more things for the Ruffles and Stuff contest( I have already made 3)
*Finish painting the wardrobes in master bedroom and add cozy accessories( rug, chandelier, etc)
*Create an area appropriate for crafting so that the dining table can be dined at.
*And as always more etsy.

Well there it is. I am sure there is more, but for now that will do. It is 4:50 jones should be home in an hour, since we are all feeling better than we have in weeks we might go to a movie (Alice in Wonderland, been dying to see it) We'll see.

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