Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday I tooking my sewing machine apart and cleaned it with some q tips and it magically started working again, kind of. The stitches sometimes go weird and it bent one of my needles, nevertheless its helped me sew a perfectly adorable hoodie for Tober so I am much happier with it than I was before. If you had told me at Christmas that by now I would be making clothes I would actually wear I would have thought it was crazy!
I spent some of the morning moving a few things (like electrical cords) around because Tober kept trying to mess with them, like I said I am really not ready for her to have this kind of freedom.


Today I dont really have any plans, although as I dreamt last night I thought up some pants I need to make to go with the hoodie I created yesterday. And because I have gone sewing crazy and when I am not I spend my time with the tots I could spend a few hours cleaning. So thats whats up. And things are up so that is nice. I still cant believe its March and soon it wont be anymore. I think time likes to play tricks on me.

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