Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Latest Additions

Meet our new Salt and Pepper shakers, purchased on etsy from Myra Melinda, She sells little vintage treasures, just the kind of stuff I love.

Also if you haven't bought your easter candy yet, or even if you have, you need to try Hershey's Coconut creme filled kisses. Sooooo good.

I made some super easy to make Earrings similar to these, but my camera is not cooperating {it keeps turning itself off before I can get a good picture?} so good pictures and maybe a tutorial will just have to join the party later.


MyraMelinda said...

that salt and pepper shaker you purchased from me is adorable....they have such personality...

Anonymous said...

those are such cute earrings! i ALWAYS wear my pearls! what a neat way to "doll" them up a bit! are you going to sell some? i would totally purchase some from you! =]