Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walking in his Shoes

The other day we were on our way out somewhere so I was getting the kids ready gathering diapers, sweaters, hats etc. I started to put shoes and socks on my 3 yr old and it proved to be a much more difficult task than it should have been. He was only trying to help by reaching for a shoe while I was trying to put on a sock, always trying the next step before we had accomplished the first. I had to physically hold him down just to get his shoes on! Like I said he was only trying to help. Sometimes I wonder if that is how Heavenly Father feels. I know that I am so impatient and always wanting to know 'Whats next?' and always think I am ready for it whatever it is, struggling with him the whole way only to find I don't even have my socks on.

All I can say is sorry, and thanks for the reminders through my wonderful, patience trying 3 yr. old.

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