Friday, May 13, 2011

1 week old!

Good Morning Alfy!
 One week ago today you were born! You are awesome and We love ya.

You are such a handsome boy, We all think so.

I love that I can part your hair on the side. 
 I love that Tober cake brings you your binky and toys.
I love that C colors you pictures and tells you stories.
{see the giant puffy thing in the bottom left corner, thats a stuffed ape tober loves to bring him}

The weather is beautiful today so we went on a walk down to Nana and Bopa's, The yelnats came out to play and Cort and Pip stopped by too!! it was awesome. I love that We all live that close to each other.

On a side note, Here is a pic of Alfy's first time in his carseat, so teeny tiny!

In Tober news about 2 weeks before the baby came Tober started talking up a storm, saying almost everything we said to her "juice, more, chair, I want some too, 1.2.3.go!" It is adorable and so much fun.
C is spelling all kinds of words, He colors everyday and adds new words to his repertoire all the time
My kiddos are all changing so fast. They amaze me with their smarts, sweetness, stubbornness, and their willingness to love me, even when I am grouchy with no sleep.

P.S. Just watched this video link again on Melancholy Smile's bloggum, It's of our family this time last year. Can't believe how much we have all changed. Good times.

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