Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweetness {extended}

As of 7:10pm We are officially a family of 5.
Our Son joined us, and suddenly the worst feeling in the whole world turned into the absolute best.
We were blessed to have him in our own home.
He is a nice and healthy 8 lb 1oz, 21 in long, and other than the fact that he decided to try and come out forehead first, Everything went absolutely perfectly.

More tomorrow, or the next day {who knows} but for now I am going to go and try and sleep to the sounds of his tiny mouth sucking on his tiny hands.

I know I said I would write more later, but then I couldn't sleep because of after labor pains and wanted to write this down before I forget.

On Thursday I had my week 39 appointment my midwives. It was a good check up, confirming that all my previous contractions were doing their job, and that I had yet another extremely tough bag of water. I left feeling pretty optimistic, and having the most powerful contractions I had had up to that point this pregnancy. After a long night, I woke up Friday morning knowing that that night had to be my last night of this pregnancy. I was tired and ready to get the show on the road, so I called my midwife and asked that She break my water. She said yes and rescheduled her day so that She could be at my house just after lunch. Perfect. I had sealed my fate. We packed the kids up and sent them to Nana and Bopa's, and waited for my midwife. When She got here We discovered that we were not quite as prepared for a Home birth as I had thought, and if we couldn't come up with a few necessary items may need to go to the birthing center instead. One Phone call to hAha, and 30 minutes later We had everything we needed {thank you so much!!} We broke my water around 3:00 and I set out in the drizzly weather in my bath robe and rain boots to walk a bit, hopefully helping my labor along. Didn't make it too far before I wanted to go home and hop in the bath. The contractions were intense but they were few and far between. I slept for a little little while until my midwife encouraged me to try and walk again. It was now just after 5. A few turns in my kitchen and the first of what I call Transition contractions began. Next thing I knew I was on the floor in my bedroom kneeling with my arms wrapped around Jones' neck trying to breathe through the worst pain. All the cheesy Bradley method relaxation were going through my head and I actually did find myself dreaming about the beach a little. At moments I felt I couldn't physically hold up my body anymore. I listened very intently as Jones told me over and over what a good job I was doing and to just let my body take control. My arms gripped around his neck like they a life savor and I would surely fail if I were to let go. So much sweat was running off of me that sometimes it felt like someone was pouring it down my back. Very soon I was feeling an urge to push, but something was different. It felt like He was pushing back instead of down. The best I can describe it is like a car stalling over and over. I tried my usual favorite position, and after a few attempts with the short and weird pushing We tried another position, and another and another. My legs were giving out on me and He was nowhere to be seen. Plus his heart rate indicated that he was not particularly happy. We laid down on the bed and found a position that made him, and his heart rate much better, and my with these pushes confirmed what we thought was happening, He was not coming out in the favorable chin tucked pose but rather forehead first, or sunny side up, meaning I was really going to have to give it my all to get him out. I was ready. This felt right. No more stalling of half wimpy pushing urges. These hurt, and these were getting him out. Six monstrous pushes after what would have easily delivered my other 2 babies, my big boy lay on top of my belly crying immediately, beautiful, round and pink. 

I was so happy and took in that moment as much as I could before the shaking began. Soon Jones had to take him from me as the adrenaline  made my entire body shake uncontrollably. I wanted them to stop. I wanted to hold my baby, but at least Jones got to hold him, and I love seeing Jones holding our babies. Eventually they stopped and I was able to get warm and nurse my baby. He rocked nursing right away! I watched him thinking how much he looked like C, and Tober, and Jones. He looked like us. We have a look. He isn't as afraid as C was when he was born, but he isn't as happy as Tober was either. He whimpers when we unwrap him, or if he can't find his hand to suck on, but calms right down when held by Mom and Dad. 
I sure love him already. 

Ok now I am off to bed. :)


Angela said...

Thanks for posting this so promptly! Now get all the sleep you can
God bless you all

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Three Lads and a Lis said...

Awesome Crystal!!! He is beautifully handsome :).

MelancholySmile said...

Good job, you two! It's such hard work having a baby, but look at how adorable he is! I wish you a speedy recovery so you can soak in his cuteness. :)