Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My life is a juggling act.

having a third child means coming up short sometimes.
Today I was in the middle of a "stinky" Tober diaper change, when Alf started a pretty extreme cry from his car seat. We had just gotten home from taking my Mom to the airport. {miss you already!}
He had to cry, and cry until I was finished with what I was doing.
That was one of many times today that I had to ignore one child to help another.

There are moments as a Mom when all I can see are my short comings, 
But there are also times when I am stronger than I thought I could be.
When I see my children happy and carefree, and able to learn and grow in an environment where you can  tell they know they are safe and loved, I know its ok that we didn't eat dinner til 8, or that C watched way too much tv.  

I had a pretty busy day filled with chores that had to happen. Meaning I was out most of the day with 3 kids by myself for the first time. It started with a trip to the airport and back, and ended with a trip to city hall to pay a water bill so that the water didn't get shut off. 
It could have been a high stress day, but everything that needed to happen happened, and when we were done we took the hose into the backyard and just played in the water, cooling off from what was a very hot day.

Jones is off helping his brother Buckshot with his film. I miss him, and miss Pipsta, looking forward to this all being done so we can hang out as much as possible before they leave for Hawaii for 3 weeks.

Also hoping to get in a photo shoot with hAha to capture Alfy's newborness before it disappears forever. 

Like I said, my life is a juggling act.

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Jeanie said...

I know, Sweetie, it's crazy time. Sometimes you feel like the juggler and sometimes you feel like the wild bowling pin flying through the air! Whichever, you are in the right place doing the right thing.