Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tell me no lies..

Watching TV this week I simply could not get over the many lies I was told about so called "Amazing" people.
It is one thing to love an artist for their art, but as Reality TV grows so does the list of Stars who are famous simply for being on TV, usually doing something shocking or extreme, but having few if any admirable qualities.
Two examples
Lady Gaga.

Amazing voice.
very talented.
People call her brave and fearless, because there isn't anything she wouldn't do.
Sometimes when someone stands for Everything, they really stand for nothing. 
Her attempts to represent individual worth are hollow to me because of it. As I am typing this I watched her performance on the American Idol finale, She basically reenacts having sex on the stage. It is just vulgar.

NeNe Leakes from the real housewives, but was also on the Celebrity Apprentice.

The words I have heard used to describe her are "great" and "fun"
I have never seen a clip of her when She wasn't fighting. 
Fighting isn't even the right word, because that implies it was 2 way, and sometimes it is, but  when its not its is just plain bullying. 
I have been treated that way a few times in my life and it was horrifying.
There was nothing great or fun about it.
Yet She has fans simply for doing this.
That just makes me sad.

On the flip side

This past season of survivor I was impressed by one contestant named Matt, who to me was brave and fearlessly professed his faith and showed strength in a rough situation touching the lives of his fellow contestants.

Or on Dancing with the Stars, 

Star Romeo talked a lot about the importance of being a good role model and about dreaming big and working hard to achieve your dreams. I thought He was a gentleman, and showed manners. What!someone actually can control their actions on tv! impossible.

Who we are is how we behave ourselves, and the more it becomes culturally acceptable to behave however we want without consequence or responsibility for those actions the more I find myself wanting to take a stand against it and say it is not ok. 

We don't have to perfect, I don't expect tv to be, but we could strive to be a little better than downright awful, and please no more hero worshiping of such unheroic people.


hAha said...

did you say "lady gaga, amazing voice, very talented."?????????!!!!!!! oh, dear.

Carrie said...

Agree. With everything. Sometimes it makes me sick. I'll admit I was a dedicated American Idol watcher this season, but honestly I was so disappointed a number of times with their choices of guest performances. Most of the time I didn't even bother and just fast forwarded through them because they were so crude.

MelancholySmile said...

Sometimes the people we choose to put on tv completely baffle me. Great post! Very well spoken.