Saturday, May 21, 2011

2 weeks

Alfy is 2 weeks old.
The older He gets the more He has a presence in our family life. 
This morning I have the house to myself and the kids, which has been unusual since my parents have been in town. My Mom should be back any minute from dropping my Dad off at the airport, and Jones should be back from his night out.
He spent the last 2 nights camped out in front of REI with Sbug.
It is the Olympia's REI grand opening and they are giving out prizes.

hAha sent me this pic this mornin' 
I love it, totally reminds me of  dating Jones.
It is good that he still gets the opportunity to play with his brothers every now and then.

Spending time alone with the kids gives me a chance to figure out how the heck I am going to do this 3 kid thing. It is 11 and only one of us has eaten breakfast. Alfy is just now starting to crash but he has been pretty fussy this morning. 
Good thing We have no where we need to be, we can take all the time we need.

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Jeanie said...

Child #3 is the magic number - you and your husband are now officially outnumbered! You have a darling family and this little #3 is so blessed to be a part of it.