Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tober and her Lovies

Last night as we were getting ready for bed Jones got hold of the camera and got some great shots of the kids.
This is what the inside of Tober's crib looks like.
I call them her Lovies. As long as She has been able to wrap her arms around them, She has loved stuffed animals and dolls.
It doesn't matter if she has twenty in there, if any one isn't She is not going to be happy til it is in bed with her.

 and of course some of her favorites, Buzz and Woody.

 This a picture he took of bug trying to get his jammas on super fast so he can keep playing on Grandpa's iphone.

And then there was Alfy, happily laying in his mama's arms, looking around at his daddy.

I love bedtime. Bedtime is family time.


MelancholySmile said...

Is your dad there, too? {I'm assuming that's the grandpa you're talking about, since I can't imagine Pops with an iphone}.

Your kids are so cute! Hope you're feeling as good as you can and are recovering quickly.

Crys said...

Yeah my Dad came on Sunday, and is here for a week. I am feeling pretty good although today is the first day I haven't gotten a nap in and I am sure feeling it.

Carrie said...

The fact that you say you love bedtime is inspiring. I tend to turn into not quite the mom I wish I were. bedtime is hard for me, i think because I'm already tired and just ready to be done for the day. I'm going to try to enjoy it. TRY.

Crys said...

Oh Carrie I know what you mean. I don't think I would love bedtime nearly as much without Jones helping. I love the teamwork of it. The kisses and end of the day I love yous, not so much the crying and having to tell C a thousand times to get his pajamas on before he actually does it!!