Sunday, May 1, 2011

One week later..

It was a week ago that I first started having what I would call real contractions, Meaning contractions that actually contribute to the birth of my babies. It has been quite an up and down week for me. As exhausting as my contractions had been they took a little bit of a "break" {meaning they weren't very regular} allowing me to enjoy some family time and great weather. Best part about Boo not coming yet is Jones and Pops spent Saturday putting in the fence for our backyard!! We spent most of the day outside watching, and enjoying the sun.

Today the children and Jones stayed home from church cause C is sick. We are probably gonna take him to the Doc tomorrow. It was really nice to get to go with my Mom and enjoy the meetings and feel the spirit. I needed it.

After church We all took a walk that was cut short by the fact that I couldn't walk. It just hurt to much. By the time I got home I was having pretty uncomfortable contractions that lasted a couple hours and by the time they slowed down all I could do was pass out on my bed. It was a long, exhausting and emotional afternoon. I found myself wishing I could be one of those women that doesn't have any contractions til they are actually having the baby. {does that really seem like too much to ask!!}

Anyway. I am off to bed. Hopefully I will get some good rest and today will be the last of my teaser labors and the next time They start up again it will be the real deal.

8 days left til due date! I have never made it this far in my pregnancies, it is kinda fun :) We'll see how far I can go....


MelancholySmile said...

Well, you certainly have a fabulous attitude. I don't think the words, "Let's see how far I can go" have ever passed my lips when I've been prego.

Your yard looks great! Having a fenced, safe place for kids to play can be SUCH a sanity saver.

Good luck this week!

Crys said...

Ha, my positive attitude is mostly me trying to convince myself everything is ok. When I was actually having the contractions I was crying and angry.

The Hull Family said...

Hang in there Crystal!! This baby is going to be here before you know it!!

Your backyard is looking fabulous! So fun to have a safe place for kids to run and play.

Alice said...

I´m from Estonia and I enjoy reading your blog. Good luck with the baby:)