Friday, May 27, 2011

3 weeks

 Alfy is 3 weeks old today.
He is been a bit of a fusspot lately.
Only happy if he is being held, and even then only happy 50% of the time.

I call  this his " I don't know about this whole earth thing..." look.
C made that look all the time.

So far at 3 weeks I can say Alfy is a bit timid, likes to be cuddled and bundled more than being open and free, and of course rocking or bouncing is the best. He loves to follow my voice with his eyes. He doesn't make as happy of faces as Tober did, and not nearly as terrified as C. He will take a binky but isn't in love with it. He has a handsomeness that makes me smile. My favorite thing is when I hold him on my chest and rub my cheek against his uber soft hair.
Sometimes I look at him and already feel a sadness that one day He won't be my baby anymore, so I give him an extra few kisses while I still can.

His eyebrows and lashes are blonde which makes me think he will lose his darkness and be a bit more toe headish like his sister. Both C and Tobster inherited their Daddy's super long lashes, but Alfy's are short and stumpy.

There are times, like right now when I can't put him down without hearing the crying, that there is no magic in holding him, but there are still those times when I pick him up and realize just how amazing and wonderful he is and how happy I am he is here with us. 

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MelancholySmile said...

Aw man, the crying is hard, even when they are super cute. I hope fussypants calms down for you.