Sunday, May 8, 2011


{my Mom, checking out Alfy}

{mama R loving my kiddos Christmas eve}

This Mother's Day I have a pretty keen awareness of the presence of Mothers in my life. These 2 women, have and do give the world to me. They Sacrifice and bend over backwards for me.
To my Mom, who took a month out of Her life to be here for me, cooking and cleaning, taking care of my kids when I could not, helping with my birth, I can't say thank you enough. I love you so much.

And Mama R, who gave me the unbelievable gift of date nights every Thursday for months so that Jones and I could attend Bradley Classes, who at this very moment is still watching C and Toby so that We could have this precious time alone with Alfy.

And then there are also the sisters.


They are an ever source of comfort and strength as they support me in my endeavors as new Mommy myself and inspire me with their courage and love.

I am so blessed to be called Mom, and stand among women like these. I will forever be grateful for what they have done { still do} for me. I love you all.
Happy Mother's Day.

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY "REAL" MOTHER'S DAY SWEETIE! And congrats on your just about Mother's Day son Alfred!! Glad our tenth Great Grandson is here safely and you as usual look gorgeous. So happy for you and Jones that Alfie came before he left. God sure answers prayers!!!! Alfie sure looks like October. He's beautiful!