Sunday, May 15, 2011

C and his "messages"

Ever since my Mom got here 3 weeks ago, C has been texting messages to my family.
He loves to write and so of course loves to type.
Last night as I was looking up stuff online, and just finished typing in the word camping in the search bar, C asked if He could type his name. I said sure.
This is what he typed.

camping clark mommy you thomas the end baby grandma tober look book boat cook  shoe toby apple hi carecar zoo oiuytgh up tucker

I helped him with shoe and apple but the rest was all him.
It is an obsession right now. 
Time to take advantage of his interest and continue teaching him to read!!


Jones has been around enough now that it is beginning to feel like He is never leaving.
I find myself getting excited and looking forward to dates like June 24th, when Cars 2 comes out and thinking We might get to see it as a Family.
If He doesn't deploy We will have an interesting road ahead of us, financially, and trying to figure out a way for Jones to go to school, but it also means He is here.
Here with me.
Here with his kids.
It has been so wonderful to be a whole family.
All 5 of us :)


MelancholySmile said...

His repertoire is seriously impressive! He'll be reading in no time.

Is there a chance Jones won't deploy, or does it just feel that way?

Crys said...

There is a chance. We shall see.

The Hull Family said...

Wow I am super impresses at how well your little boy can write, that is awesome!!

So glad you are enjoying your whole family being together right now.