Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Postpartum body

{Photos by hAha}

Today we are getting up close..

And personal with how I feel about my postpartum body.

I got my stretch marks when I was pregnant with C, I tried the lotions but nothing helped. After He was born, and I looked down at my literally shredded stomach I felt a sort of pride for them and what I had just been through. 
I call them my Tiger stripes. 
They are soft and opalescent.
 They are not the only thing that is soft.
I laugh because my belly button is a good 3 inches higher than it use to be.

Over the last five years I have been pregnant or nursing for over four of them.
I have been through five sizes of clothing {and bras!}, and in very different stages of physical fitness. 
This body, in comparison to where it was 3 weeks ago, is great.
It can eat without heartburn, go half a day with out having to pee, walk without pain, and many other wonderful things, 
But this body doesn't quite feel like me.
You would think since this is my third time doing this I would have it figured out but I am still learning.
I am learning things like how to dress this body.
How to share my body with the whole family, and still feel like it's mine!
 I am learning to be ok with the pudge and that I can be sexy and beautiful in my own way.

This body is not my body. This is me healing.
And it will heal, mostly, leaving a little that will never really go away. Something to remember the experience by, but it will be strong again.
I will be me again.

Until then I will just find a way to remember to celebrate this body, and all that it has done, bringing me my little ones. This is a sacrifice I am willing to make so that I can have my family. 
I am living my dream :)


MelancholySmile said...

This is such a wise post, and one of the reasons I love having sisters-in-law. You guys are constantly teaching and inspiring me!

I wish that the world would celebrate this kind of beauty. There's such a poetry to all that a woman's body goes through in order to have a family, and it's lovely. I mean REALLY lovely-- physically beautiful, not just 'good personality' type of lovely. :)

I read your post twice, and by the end felt powerful, proud and beautiful. {Which you are, too} Thanks for that.

Carrie said...

oh this is so sweet! Way to go for feeling so proud. I have a feeling I may need to come back and read this post again in a few months when I'm wondering where the heck my body went and why I can't seem to find it.

Disney said...

Wow, that was such a sweet post, I loved it. It's so true, it took me almost four years to get back to (somewhat) normal after having Paige, but it's so worth it. Btw, I think you look darling!!

hAha said...

So pretty! Your confidence is inspiring! I love seeing my body as a storybook:) a fairytale come true:)

The Hull Family said...

You are awesome. Thank you so much for posting this, it was inspiring to me.

In the life of Nikki and Gary said...

Amazing! You do look great though and be proud that your body grew 3 beautifully wonderful little people. You nourished them, loved them, and protected them as nobody else could. I admire your strength {and bravery} in posting actual pictures! I could never do that...

Liz Smith said...

You have stretch marks on your body. It seems to be like it is done post mortem. Therefore it takes long time to removes all of these spots. And you would be fine soon. This all is truth.

Anonymous said...

This needs to go viral.