Friday, June 25, 2010


I have quite a list of things to accomplish before I head down to beautiful CA, but that isn't what I want to post about right now. Right now I want to put it in writing how much I love C bug, and all his cute 3 yr old-ness. C {or my Honey as his 3 yr old friend calls him} wakes up every morning and first thing says "I am so happy to see you are you happy to see me?" followed by "I had good dreams" Because that is what I usually talk to him about when he wakes up. Then randomly and often he comes up to me and tells me Momom I love you. He almost never wants to do the things I ask him unless I specifically say can you help me, then he replies ummm Yes! And sets out to do whatever task I asked of him. He loves making tents more than anything else and asks every nigtht if he can sleep in one. He has taught me so much about being a Mom and it has only been 3 years. I wonder how much more time I have with his freely given kisses and I love you's.
And of course my thoughts are cut short by my 10 mo. old pulling on the computer and begging at my feet. I suppose There is a list to conquer anyways. Love you, my honey.

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