Friday, June 4, 2010

Home sweet Home

Although I consider my house my home I still have those days when I want to pack the kids in the car and head "home", just show up at my Mom's house, hang out with my little brother, spend the night and wear my pajamas all day. Too bad that driving to my Mom and Dad's house takes 18 hours and 1 minute according to mapquest. I am just tired and not feeling very well, I want my kids to run crazy through someone else's house. I want my parents to see how goofy Tober is, and how much personality she has. I want to hear their conversation with C, cause he can actually have conversations now! I want to have long meaningless conversations that start one place and end somewhere completely different that only a group of women can have. I want to go swimming! Or maybe even to the beach. I want my Dad's Tacos and to watch the Angels beat whoever they are playing.
Instead I will probably spend my weekend eating cereal cause I don't feel like cooking, laying on the couch with kids crawling all over me. :)


christy said...

I cannot tell you how many times I have been tempted over the last few weeks to pack the kids in the car and head to MN. About the same distance from WA to CA :). It stinks being sick and being away from moms!!!

Crys said...

I know it, Of course I also have dreams of going to texas to see you guys, yeah that would be one epic road trip.

Chelsea said...

Sounds good to me.