Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today is Tuesday..

Yesterday was a weird day. Tober wanted to nurse every 40 minutes and take a nap every hour and a half sleep for 40 minutes and do it again! it was exhausting and hard to get anything done after I made my diaper inserts, which by the way have now been washed and tested  and work smazingly! Anyways a day like that followed by the beautiful sunny day we have now make me wish I had a bike trailor and could take the kids on a bike ride. The women in my church are doing a triathalon in Aug. that I was hesitant to participate in but after some thinking I have persuaded myself that it would be a good experience. Earlier I had it in my head that I would have to train like Pip and Hil did last year, which was intense, and although I know I will have to train I have Jones to help me and I am only training to finish, not to win or do it in a certain time. There is a good chance that I will train for the tri and not participate, but I hope that doesn't happen. Apparantly this is a year of firsts and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

So since I don't have a bike trailer what am I going to do today? What are you doing today?


hAha said...

I'm at the dentist..."I've been a thousand times so I know the drill;)"

hAha said...

Oh and yay about the tri! Be careful you'll get prego if you tri:) good luck! I'll do some swim training with you next month:)

merelyLooking said...

Haha, like your leave a message comment. :)

Not riding a bike. Not doing a tri. Not prego. Reading a book and darn proud of it.

Crys said...

I know I had the same thought hAha, :) and I ended up reading Harry potter and sitting outside watching C ride his trike, not bad at all.