Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer, Officially here.

{C and pops last year at the annual air show here in WA, if we can afford to we will probably be attending it again this saturday!}
{this was his face after the helicopter dropped a junker car!}

Ahhh Monday.  Tosh and J left this morning, so, after a long weekend, I am lounging on the couch still in my pajamas which I have no intention of changing out of, trying to figure out my day, and my week for that matter. I had plans for this week. I was going to start shipping all of my Challenge projects, make Father's day gifts, Date night with my husband to see A team, but our Car has decided to change our plans a little. It very randomly decided to stop working on us and until we find out what the problem is {and how much it will cost to repair} our funds are on hold. Not too big of a problem, after all I am a resourceful crafty lady and will still make gifts, still date it up even if we don't see a movie, and I am sorry :( but you will probably have to wait a little longer for your challenge projects to get shipped.

As for right now I am debating between doing absolutely nothing and laundry. Maybe I will do a little of both. :)

I can't help but day dream about last summer and camping on the beach. The air show on saturday really marks the beginning of summer fun here in WA. Last summer I was 6-9mos prego during all of these activities. I really want to enjoy some fun camping, traveling, eating and what not with the body I have now before jumping into another long rainy winter.

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