Friday, June 25, 2010


As soon as Jones got home from work today I began errand running so I would have the things I needed complete all things I need to complete before I go to CA {on tuesday!!}

My accomplishments today are:
Half completing a super secret project for GG
making another diaper cover
Half completing car seat cover for C
finishing the 7th Harry Potter book

Still to do:
make 3 more diaper covers
finish the 2 unfinished projects above
do all the laundry and pack, leaving the house completely clean!!
prepare lesson for Sunday.

I am super excited about everything I have been able to make, I know I probably shouldn't have takenon so much, the car seat cover for example was a last minute addition, but I have been meaning to for awhile and after Dana over at MADE did this post I knew it was excatly the inspiration I needed to get it done. Plus now I don't have to fly with my dingy old cover!!!

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