Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let's go fly a Kite

These are a few more pics from our saturday pirate adventure. Everyday since then C has asked me if he can be a pirate again.
Yesterday, suprisingly the weather was amazing, so our family went over to hAha's house to watch her still be prego, shoot a potato gun and try and fly a kite. The kite flew, as long as I was running :) it was even hot enough I let C bug spray me with a hose to cool me off!!! Yesterday was a good day. It was a nice long weekend full of good conversations and moments between Jones and I, that show me how far we have come. In 5 years we have grown quite a bit as a couple, I sure do love him.
Hello June, I can't belive you are here already, I am glad you are, I think June is going to be Good.

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Carrie said...

Oh, he makes one cute pirate! Loved your little treasure map. What a fun adventure.