Friday, June 11, 2010

Grad Dad

Sbug is Graduating today. Huzzah for him! I look forward to celebrating with him in a few hours. Good food and family really is the best, especially with something to celebrate. And boy do we have things to celebrate. All our beautiful healthy babies, the opportunity to see one another, live by each other and support each other in all of our endeavors. It is fantastic.

I am trying to venture into Men's crafts, a dangerous pass time, I know. So for Sbug I came up with this Graphic{with major help from the Pixie Shtick, thank you} and turned it into a shirt!

How? easy, I simply took a pic of Sbug and hAha...

sent it to my sis, who put it through photoshop and sent it back looking like this. {if you dont have photoshop or an awesome sister like me you can take any picture print it (lighten it and contrast it, this will make the next step easier.)and then take a sharpie and outline the parts you want to trace.}
I then simply copied it to paint and simplified the image using an eraser.
Then I added some words, and sent it to the printer.

I bought a $3 dollar fabric pen at Joanns with a very fine tip, a blank Tee and simply placed the picture inside the shirt with some aluminium foil under it to keep the ink from bleeding, and started tracing.{ the tracing was a lot more difficult on the blue shirt, but not impossible, I had to free style a little, so if you are not comfortable Free styling buy a light shirt!}

I went over it a second time to make sure it was nice and dark. Voila! a personalized shirt for Sbug's graduation.



hAha said...

No, u da bomb !!! Those are still rocking my world! Youre magnificent!

muralimanohar said...

That is really clever! It's so freaking hard to do guy crafts, innit??