Monday, June 21, 2010

Going on a trip, need more diapers

Yay! big news, My sweet little sister bought me tickets to CA to see her and her new baby! I am sooo excited!! And so is C, He keeps telling me he is going on a plane to see E.{his cousin}

Although the cloth diapers I have right now work great for me at home, I am washing them every other day, and I am not sure I want to be doing that while down in CA. Unfortunately I dont have the budget right now to buy more diapers but I did have some flannel recieving blankets.
SO I took one of my Flip diaper covers and traced the shape onto the blankets. If you plan right you can trace 4 on each blanket.
*Then I used 2 of the blankets and cut them into long rectangles about 3/4 the length of the diaper.
*One diaper lining consists of 2 diaper tracings {a front and a back}and about 12 rectangles.
*I took a bunch 8-12 rectangles and sewed them together using a zig zag stitch around the edges.
{if your machine can't handle the thickness sew 6 on the front side and 6 on the  back.
*Then I sewed this rectangle to the underside of one of the traced cut outs. Sometimes my bundled rectangles weren't thick enough for my liking so I repeated this step onto the back of my .
*Then I pinned and stitched the front and back together and voila! it fits perfectly in the flip, and is super absorbant! the first 3 I made I didn't sew on a fleece line but the last one I did. I usually just add a fleece liner while I am changing her diaper but I thought "hey one less step, I'll sew it on."  They aren't perfect, mostly cause I was in a hurry to finish before Tober woke up from her nap, but I love them.I hope to make 2 more and also a couple of covers. We'll see, I need to make another trip to goodwill for more flannel blankets.
I intentionally made them long enough to tuck and fold into the flaps of the flip.
Here Tober models how great they look on, not too bulky, she might even be able to fit her jeans now!