Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I just found out it is Tuesday, I was a little lost for a minute. Yesterday I didn't do either of the things I talked about doing. I made a small dent in the pile of clothes up stairs, and cleaned the craft room but I didn't make anything. Well that isn't entirely true, I put together this picture which I think I am going to use for the Rasterbator, and hang in the craft room.

And then I went out and enjoyed the sun as it made it's afternoon appearance, and got a wonderful dose of this adorable baby, Finn.
I just realized that tommorow is Wed. which means more toddler crafts right Pip? That should be fun and then I get to see her little one as well. It is nice to be able to hold a little one and not have had to just given birth to them :)

In the sewing through the Decades challenge I was going to make some pretty hair things inspired by this picture Lemon Sqeezy posted.

But then I saw this postcard she posted and knew I had already made something from this decade without knowing it.

My very own Hobble Skirt.

So I have a little more time to make something for the 20's. This is going to be good.


Miss Muffin said...

Love the picture you put together with all the different frames! Very pretty!!!
How did you put this together if I may ask? Do you use a special program?

Crys said...

I just used Microsoft word. My Mother in law taught me how to use their editing software. I simply gathered images of frames online, made their backrounds transparent and then placed them ontop of my photos. Hope that makes sense.:)