Saturday, June 26, 2010

Car seat Cover!

This is not exactly what my old car seat looked like. Mine is the cheapest one at walmart right now a simple black and tan plaid. It definately lacked in personality though and since Tober will be taking ove this one once she turns 1 I wanted to spruce it up in a gender neutral way.
Because I am still doing the lemon squeezy decades challenge my head was In the 1940's and because it is

Summer I couldn't help but think of swimwear. Between this pic. OUr yellow striped tent at the air show and Dana's striped car seat, I was inspired to make this new cover!

I love it! It turned out exactly like I hoped and was worth having to hand stitch it through my machine cause the fabric was so thick!

What was great about this project is that it was cheap and I was able to use my old cover as a pattern.
I used a simple canvas material for the stripes and a cotton for the red. I washed the old car seat cover and used the batting, as well as adding more, since this was a cheap car seat it wasn't very padded to begin with. To save money I cut the trim off the old cover so that I wouldn't have to buy new elastic, but this was really hard to attatch and if I had the money I would probably just buy new materials next time.

I am really happy with the results and even though C is a little freaked out by the change {very typical :)} He only has to use it 2 more months.

one project complete, a bunch more to go!!


Disney said...

Wow! I am so impressed by people who can do that. It scares me just thinking about it. WHERE do you find the time?? You're amazing!

Crys said...

Thanks, you are so sweet. It actually didn't take that long and would have taken even less time had my machine been able to handle the thick material better. You should try it :)

Miss Muffin said...

This really is totally cute! Love how it turned out! Wish I would have enough energy to make something like this! :-)
Our baby carseat could REALLY use a new cover! (But I am just telling myself he will be too big for it soon anyway ... so I should not bother ...)